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About Us


TP POWER (M) SDN BHD (Company Registration No. 873942-P), abbreviated name ‘TP’ is a Malaysia incorporated company founded in 2009 by visionary directors with extensive experience in the diesel genset industry.

TP has carried on with the business of sales and hiring of machinery such as power generator sets, tower light, air compressor, vibration roller, bar bender & cutter, pump, welding machine, parts and accessories etc. Besides, TP also provides maintenance and repair service for great variety of machines.

Furthermore, other than the sales and hiring business, we have expanded our business area to provision of solar hybrid power system installation and related services, contractor and project management, engineering services and engineering works for telecommunication industry.

For years, TP Power has been collaborated with big brand suppliers such as Deutz, Perkins, Cummins, JDEC, SDEC, Marathon, Stamford, Leroy Somer, Deepsea, ComAp and Harson etc. TP Power is unparalleled expert in the industry whom is at the forefront in providing comprehensive one-stop genset services and solutions to help make life easier and better.

TP PARTS SDN BHD {Company Registration No. 201901026142 (1335471-K)} was incorporated in 2019 as a company that provides of filtration products and services.
With strong and technical management team, we are supplying in various industries i.e. transportation, construction, marine, mining, energy and etc.

Our Vision

To Be The Leading Service Provider in the Markets We Serve.

Our Mission

To optimize stakeholders’ value through sustainable business practices and consistently delivering superior quality products and services.

Our Values


: We are committed to deliver on what we promise to our clients.


: We promote a quality-driven business culture and take pride in delivering quality products and service to our customers.


: We are ethical and accountable for our actions.


: We are more effective when we work and communicate well with each other.

Trust & Respect : We treat and trust our partners - customers and fellow employee & suppliers, as we would expect to treated and trust.

Quality Policy

TP Power provides sales, leasing and maintenance of power equipment and other related non-heavy equipment for the telecommunication, oil & gas, construction, commercial and events industry, and installation and maintenance of telecommunication equipment;.

We aim to be the leading supplier in the markets we serve and are committed to:

  • Provide quality and reliable products & services to our customers.
  • Comply with customer’s requirements, statutory obligations, specifications and codes of practice relevant to the quality management system.
  • Continually improve our business processes and quality management system.

Safety & Health Policy

  • TP Power is committed to ensure a safe and healthy working environment to all employees and others involved in or affected by its operation taking into account statutory requirement and relevant national and international standards and codes of practices.
  • Implementation and effectiveness of this policy is management responsibility together with the participation and involvement of all employees.
  • TP Power will ensure that adequate resources, training and time are made available.
  • OSH matter will be given equal priority with other major business objectives.
  • OSH activities will be regularly reviewed to ensure continual improvement.
  • Humanistic approach will be adopted by TP Power to promote a safe and healthy work culture where employer and employees share the common responsibility of creating a better work environment for all.
  • This policy will be monitored to ensure achievement of our objectives and reviewed in light of legislative or organizational changes.

Polisi Keselamatan dan Kesihatan

  • TP Power komited bagi memastikan persekitaran kerja yang selamat dan sihat untuk semua pekerja dan orang lain yang terlibat atau yang menerima kesan daripada operasinya dengan mengambil kira keperluan statutory serta piawaian negara dan antarabangsa dan tata amalan yang berkaitan.
  • Pelaksanaan dan keberkesanan polisi ini merupakan tanggungjawab pengurusan serta penyertaan dan penglibatan semua pekerja.
  • TP Power akan memastikan bahawa sumber yang mencukupi, latihan dan masa juga diperuntukkan.
  • Aspek Keselamatan dan Kesihatan Pekerjaan (OSH) akan diberikan keutamaan yang sama dengan objektif utama yang lain.
  • Aktiviti-aktiviti OSH akan sentiasa disemak untuk memastikan penambahbaikan yang berterusan.
  • Pendekatan kemanusiaan akan digunakan oleh TP Power untuk memupuk budaya kerja yang selamat dan sihat, iaitu majikan dan pekerja hendaklah berkongsi tanggungjawab untuk mewujudkan persekitaran kerja yang lebih baik.
  • Polisi ini akan dipantau untuk memastikan pencapaian objektif kami dan disemak mengikut perubahan perundangan dan organisasi.

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